ALWAYS FRIENDLY whether intimate or energetic…
Jay is perfect for “that guy you trust” or  “recommendation from a friend” type commercials.

With a smooth, steady voice born for audiobooks and any type of corporate video or exciting commercial, Jay can also be quite serious with a deep and powerful delivery, full of strong, subtle emotion. 
Most of all…he is a true actor at heart.

With communication, he can nail any type of character or voice style you are looking for.

Jason is every clients/producers dream! Not only does he have a great, 
big voice full of expression, playfulness and conviction, but he gets 
it. His reads are spot on and while it’s rare to have to go for a second 
take, when given specific direction, he nails it every time! If you’re 
looking for a true, seasoned professional with a wide range of style, 
Jason is your go to guy.
   – Steven Wahlberg 
Coach, Producer and Teacher 
Such A Voice.

Affectionately know by his peers as Mr. TwoTake, Jay has built a reputation 
for being fast and effective; taking direction like a “Champ” and always 
understanding the different direction a script can take.

Along with a reputation for fast, professional VO work, Jay has also spent years behind 
the glass creating foley and producing/recording music and advertisements for clients like Camerons Brewing Company and 
Guerilla Printing. 
Having been the Program Director at one of Canada’s premiere broadband radio stations, IndieLove Radio, Jay has organized and hosted major events for North By North East, Canadian Music Week, The Toronto Independent Music Awards and more.

A well known voice in town, Jay has interviewed some of Canada’s biggest 
underground acts weather it be at the Juno Awards, in studio, or right in 
the bands’ own backyard. 
Slated to Host the 2014 Toronto Independent Music Awards, Jay is known for 
a comedic, professional and engaging on-stage persona, always 
captivating audience members with his voice and style, and has 
successfully moved these skills into the Voice Over World.


  • Fully Isolated Sound Booth;
  • MAC G5 Dual Core PPC Desktop;
MacBook Pro Laptop;
Layla 8 Input/Output soundcard;
Maya 4 in 4 out soundcard;
Mackie ONYX 1620 mixer;
Logic, Audition and ProTools software; and
  • a wide array of condenser, ribbon and dynamic mics 
(Sennheiser/Electro Voice/Shure and more)


  • On demand turnaround;
  • File formats include: AIFF, WAV, MP3, MOV, CD and more;
  • Full production services available include:

  • Pre-production; writing, editing;
  • Production: Voice overs from on site professional recording studio;
  • Post-production: editing, mixing, mastering, music, sound effects & video synch;
  • Data transfer: ftp, cd;
  • Available for Hosting and On-Camera Work